Month of Coordination


Starting at $1800

Now that you have completed planning your perfect wedding, who is going to bring your day to life? Our Month of Coordination service is designed for the couple who have completed all their wedding plans and want a professional to execute these plans on their wedding day. We make sure your plans are executed according to your specifications so that you can enjoy every minute of your perfect day. On your wedding day, we will be your direct line of communication for family, the wedding party, guests and vendors. Our team will communicate with and guide your vendors for set up according to your timeline.

This package includes (but is not limited to) 6-8 weeks of vendor communication, contract review, timeline creation, and 10 hours of coordination on your wedding day.

Partial Planning Package

Starting at $2500

Have you started planning and feel like you may have bit off more than you chew? No need to worry, we can take it from here. The Partial Planning package is designed for couples who need assistance with specific stages of their wedding planning. We can help you complete the design that you have intricately planned while keeping your budget in mind. On your wedding day, we’ll be your direct line of communication for family, the wedding party, guests and vendors. We will coordinate the ceremony and reception according to your specifications so your day is perfect. 

This partial planning package help couples who have booked their venue by including: Colors, Themes, Vendor Referral and  Month of Coordination

The Total Planning Package

Starting at $5000

Did you just get engaged and have no idea where to start? Well this package is perfect for you. This service is catered to busy couples who want their ideal wedding, but may not have the time to plan and execute their vision while keeping their day job. We will take care of all the details, and you decide how involved you want to be in planning your perfect wedding. With our professional guidance, you’ll be informed of deadlines and enjoy every minute of your wedding experience.
This is full scale wedding design and planning including: Colors, Themes, Venue Selection, Vendor Selection and Coordination, Seating Charts and Month of Coordination

The All Inclusive Vendor Package


Are you tired of looking for vendors? Take a deep breath and look no further. Finding the vendors that fit your wedding requirements as well as your budget could be a stressful task to undertake, which is why we have accumulated a vendor dream team that can execute your dream wedding that is authentic to you.
This dream team consists of a (6hr)Photographer, (6hr)Videographer, (5hr)DJ, (Low Centerpiece+)Florist, (2hr)Photo-booth, and
(8hrs) Month of Coordinator. This package includes all taxes  and fees except flower delivery.


Wedding Design

Starting at $100

Did you just get engaged, see Pinterest for the first time and not know where to start? We've all been there!  We can help to organize all of your unique wedding ideas and ultimately finalize on a design that is perfect for you.


This package is best if you spend too much time on pinterest.

Floor Plans

Starting at $100

Are you inviting your entire family and have no idea where to put them? Let us help! You can provide us with you RSVP list and we can create a floor plan, to scale, for your ceremony and/or reception venues.


This package is best if you are busy and need help organizing your guests.

Digital Mock Ups

Starting at $300

Do you have an idea of what you want, but you just can't visualize it? We can help bring your ideas to life. In wedding mock up package, we will sit down with you to help to organize your ideas digitally.


This package is best if you just want to see  your wedding ideas in a form of digital illustration.


Did you just realize how much your wedding is going to cost? Was it more than you expected?
No need to fret. We know that the cost of a wedding planner or coordinator is not always the first cost that is allocated into the budget. By utilizing a flex payment plan, you can book and pay down your remainder as you plan. This way you can have the help of an experienced planner throughout you entire planning process.
If you are interested in customizing options for your wedding​ book a FREE consultation to discuss in greater detail.

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